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THE ELECTRIC MESS is a New York City rock and roll band fueled by 60s garage, 70s punk, psychedelia, and New Wave. Formed in 2007, they released their 4th album, “The Beast is You,” in 2018 and have toured throughout Europe and the States. The band is led by the chameleon-like frontwoman Esther Crow (also rhythm guitar, percussion), with Dan Crow (guitar), Oweinama Biu (keyboards, vocals), Derek Davidson (bass), and Alan J. Camlet (drums, vocals). A 5th album is currently in the works, to be released later in 2019, with more dates planned in Europe in 2020.  

“...a kaleidoscope of sound, rapid fire lyrics, sheer unadulterated urgency, and a real rock and roll attitude."  (Powerplay Magazine, UK) 

"**** of 5 stars. (The Electric Mess) have the vintage approach and feel, they can write great songs, and the band isn't afraid to hit ‘em hard and make their music move.”  (All-Music Guide, on “The Electric Mess” S/T)

"...a nonstop barrage of punk & roll leavened with keyboard-driven garage rock."   (L.A. Weekly)

"If you like wild, frantic, high-energy rock 'n' roll, you really need to acquaint yourself with The Electric Mess.  Though the group is a self-proclaimed “mess,” there is nothing slapdash about this tight little unit."  (Santa Fe New Mexican)

“The Electric Mess entertain as a unit and still keep the music heads happy with their solid musicianship, a too cool for words repertoire, and one of the most electrifying front men I have ever seen."  (Huffington Post)

? and the Mysterians, The Cynics, The Plimsouls, The Fleshtones, The Schizophonics, Simply Saucer, Paul Collins Beat, Daddy Long Legs, The Smoggers, The Love Me Nots, Vicky & The Vengents, King Salami and The Cumberland Three, Stupidity, Thelma andthe Sleaze. Muck and the Mires, Palmyra Delran, Kurt Baker,  The Connection, Harmonica Lewinski, The Above, Jay Vons, White Mystery, Twin Guns, 

“Lake Nowhere” (2014, USA) Feature film
“Blood and Carpet” (2015, UK) Feature film
“The Bubble of Solace” (The Brick Theater, 2014)
“Live Music Videos” (The Brick Theater, 2015)
Little Steven’s Underground Garage (Sirius/XM)
Rodney on the Roq, KROQ-FM, Los Angeles
“Nights With Alice Cooper” (syndicated radio show)
WFMU, NPR, Phish Halloween Show (Las Vegas, 2016)

RECORDS (CD, LP, digital):
“The Electric Mess” (S/T) (Soundflat) 2010
“Falling Off the Face of the Earth” (Groovie) 2012
“House on Fire” (Soundflat) 2014
“The Beast is You” (Soundflat) 2018
“You’ve Become a Witch/Trash Talkin’ Woman” 7” 

(Rowed Out) 
“You’ve Become a Witch” on “Hipsters 3” comp.

(Acid Jazz)
"He Looks Like a Psycho” on “Indiegente 15 Anos” comp.

“He Looks Like a Psycho” and “You’ve Become a Witch”

on the “Lake Nowhere” soundtrack (Brink Music)

Mid-West Tour, U.S., 2010 (Indiana, Chicago, Detroit)
Portugal and Spain, 2013
Germany, France, and Spain, 2015

(incl. “Soundflat Ballroom Bash”)
Spain and UK, 2018

(incl. “Munster Raving Loony Weekend”

and “Hipsville a Go-Go” festivals)

West Coast Tour, 2019 (Southern California)